WPC South Africa


About us


World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) South Africa aims at growing powerlifting in South Africa. We welcome all eager to begin powerlifting, to come back to the sport or those set on breaking some records. WPC's history in SA goes back as far as the very founding of the sport by Ian Morris back in the 70s and our core vision has never changed, which is to make the sport of powerliftng available to anyone. Powerlifting consists of 3 disciplines including Squat, Bench press and Deadlift. Whether you are a novice or pro we want to welcome anyone interested in lifting some serious weights to our family and encourage you to contact us below or via the contacts page. See you at the gym or next competition.



The WPC-SA board


Founder: Ian Morris - ianmorr@iafrica.com

President: Donovan Morris - donovan.morris.wpcsa@gmail.com

Vice President: Arno Lambrechts - big-arnie@live.com

Web & Social Media Officer: Shaun Roos - shaunroos77@gmail.com

Record Keeper: Frank Janse van Rensburg - frankbench300@gmail.com

Technical Officer: Zane Ison - isonzane047@gmail.com

Secretary: Rose Morris, Juanese Ison, Elmarie Lambrechts

Treasurer: Elmarie Lambrechts - elmarielambrechts@gmail.com