WPC South Africa



About us


It is with great excitement that we are announcing the return of the original powerlifting federation, the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) to South Africa. WPC's history in SA goes back as far as the very founding of the sport by Ian Morris back in the 70s. In 2001, the WPC merged with the IPF but the need for independence has become apparent in recent years. This is in no way a bad reflection on the IPF. In fact, literally all of us that got together to relaunch WPC have got very good friends in the IPF and we would like to state right up front that this new federation is in no way aimed at weakening the IPF or being antagonistic towards them in any way. In fact, we are very thankful for the huge role that the IPF has played in growing powerlifting in this country and it is our sincere wish to maintain a friendly relationship with the IPF going forward.


The WPC-SA board:

Founder: Ian Morris

Chairman: Donovan Morris

Vice Chairman: Arno Lambrechts

Web & Social Media Officer: Shaun Roos

Record Keeper: Frank Janse van Rensburg

Technical Officer: Zane Ison

Secretary: Rose Morris, Juanese Ison, Elmarie Lambrechts

Treasurer: Elmarie Lambrechts